Gastouder Pinguïns

Reliable Babysitter in Amsterdam for Children between 0-4

Pedagogical Policy

veilig thuis

Childminder Pingiuns works on the base of the Educational Policy

Standards and Vision

The interest of the child is always paramount . A child needs affection , rhythm and regularity and challenge necessary for the development . In childminding Penguins get this offer in a safe and familiar environment. It is a shelter with a homely atmosphere. There is space created for children to develop confidence and fearless with guidance from the childminder . Your opinions and ideas are important, therefore, there is in my childminding space to exchange ideas with the transfers and be taken into account your wishes in the daily schedule.

Wishes in the Day plan

Ample opportunities in motor , creative and intellectually When Penguins childminding is always a peaceful and friendly manner spoke with the children. During the activities 'm always encouraged positive there . The children receive activities offered at their age level and therein I also offer variety. They will be encouraged in their ability. The result of the activities at the reception not the most important , but the incentive to engage motor and above all having fun.

Transfer of Values and Standards

Children need clear rules and boundaries. This ensures a safe environment and a clear understanding between child and carer. I offer an environment in which children learn to communicate in their conflicts with each other and which have been discussed with respect to each other. There is reward and also a clear understanding of cause and effect to make wise choices .


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